Episode 268

Esports MeToo Movement Has Been a Long Time Coming


June 24th, 2020

2 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

Gaming has had a reckoning coming for a while. Over the past few days, dozens of women have spoken out about their experiences with discrimination, harassment and, in some cases, rape, by prominent members of gaming and esports communitities. While these stories are hard to read, and even harded to internalize, they are incredibly important in making this space an inclusive one for all. Remember the courage it takes to speak out against powerful people in this community and remember that experts have found only a very small percentage of harassment claims to be false. As of now, these are accusations but the patterns are clear.

Here are Twitlongers accusing the people mentioned in this episode:

Bil 'Jump' Carter: https://twitter.com/MissAlissaBarry/status/1275710384800923648 and https://twitter.com/brialeigh/status/1275585506345181184

Method Josh: https://twitter.com/SlappedSpaghet1/status/1275872562669596673 and https://twitter.com/Gwenagerie/status/1275877156707545091 and https://twitter.com/2Alexmae5/status/1275824750720356352

Ryan 'VideoGameAttorney' Morrison: https://twitter.com/BANparty/status/1275512462759137283

Taylor Lorenz's New York Times article talking to dozens of women with various experiences that all point to systemic issues in the gaming world: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/23/style/women-gaming-streaming-harassment-sexism-twitch.html

Please read this accounts and that article. They are incredibly important to understand women's experiencces in the esports world.